Graspit Operating Instructions

Introduction: Graspit Operating Instructions

Connecting the sections of your Graspit robot hand, and operating the system with ease.

Step 1: Connect Glove to Breadboard

Connect each finger and the thumb to the breadboard by attaching the glove's jumper wires to their respective colors on the control board.

Step 2: Connect Arm to Control Board

Each servo motor in the forearm is controlled by three separate wires from the control board. Connect the signal wires (located directly on the Arduino 101 motherboard) to the orange wires of the servo motors; the blue wire is designated for the pinky, and the red/white wire is designated for the thumb, with the wires in between following the order of the fingers in between. The power wires for each motor are located on the top left corner of the breadboard, grouped in the colors of blue, green, and white. The ground wires for each motor are located on the top left corner of the breadboard next to the power wires, grouped in the colors of yellow, brown, red, black, and violet. The order in which the active and grounded wires are plugged into the servo motors is irrelevant.

Step 3: Connect to Power Supply

The system needs a constant 4.8 volts of direct current as well as a connection to a powered USB port to function properly. Use a bench power supply to connect to the open male jumper cables at the bottom left corner of the breadboard, and use the Arduino 101's USB connector to supply power to the motherboard.

Step 4: Operate the System With the Control Glove

With the board powered, and with the control glove and robot hand connected, the system is ready to operate. Put on the control glove and use the motion of your fingers to control the hand.

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