Introduction: Grass Hammock

This is an Instructable on how to create a comfortable and unique hammock from some basic materials. This can be accomplished with very basic tools and skills, the perfect project to do on a Friday afternoon to get ready for the weekend. This can be set up anywhere and will turn heads wherever it goes.

Time: Took me about an Hour or so but lost of that was planning. What took me the longest was sourcing some cheap grass.

Cost: Dependant on materials. Here is a list of what I used:

Grass shag carpet : $99.00

Tie Downs X2 : 15.98

Black metal pipes X2: 9.80

Zip ties: really cheap I always have these around

OPTIONAL: Caribiner or quick links, Rope

Total : $131.02

You could use wood in place of the pipe, rope for the tie down, or some other kind of fastening material besides the zip ties. I would recommend trying to find green zip ties and possibly black tie downs to make it look better. It can be difficult to find the grass, you can get the lawn grade stuff but its very expensive, you can get the cheaper stuff that looks like it comes from a putting green as well but I would avoid it. The stuff I found was an indoor outdoor carpet so it has some decent strength to it.

Skills needed: Basically none, a very easy project!

I apologize in advance for some of the poor photos, I realized half way through that the camera I was using didn't have a card in it! I took about half of these with my phone.

Step 1: Lining It All Up

I didn't even need to measure at all I just counted the seams. I started by finding the relative center by counting how many seams from the outside would fit the pipe. I marked this spot with a silver sharpie. I then rolled the pipe back until I could roll enough of the carpet around the pipe to cover it.

Step 2: Attaching the Pipe

I cut some slits where I thought I should bring the hooks through. I slid the hooks in the small slits and put the pipe in the hook. I then tucked the end of the carpet between the hook and the pipe to keep it in place. Once in place use a few zip ties to secure the carpet around the pipe. The zip ties don't add too much structure, they just keep the carpet in place around the pipe. The idea here is to have the tie downs go around the pipe, this distributes the weight along the length of the carpet.

Step 3: Finishing It Off

Fold whatever is left on the sides around the ends of the pipe. This not only makes the top and sides look nice, and hides the hooks from the tie downs, but I believe it adds some strength as well. Try and follow the seams with the edge of the carpet when folding. Once it is folded put some more holes into the carpet and zip tie it around the pipe. I used only 3 zip ties per side but you could add more. I thought it may be possible to sew the flap to the carpet and attach it to the top but I haven't found it necessary yet.

That's it you're all done! Find 2 posts and attach for maximum relaxibility. To make it attach easier you can use 2 lengths of rope tied in a loop and attach with carabiners or chain quick links.

Step 4: Relax!

Attach where you want or make a hammock stand!

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