Introduction: Grass Head

Super easy and fun project, great project for children and for adults.

design your own grass head character!!!


you will need:

  • pair of tights or socks
  • Grass seeds
  • potting mix
  • Scissors
  • Decorations - plastic eyes, buttons, wires

Step 1:

Cut off a 20cm from the tights or socks that include the toe section.

Step 2:

Insert the grass seeds into the sock or tights.

Step 3:

Insert the potting mix into the sock or tights.

Step 4:

Tie a knot to close the end.

Step 5:


add more details such as nose, mouth, ears, etc... you can do it by drawing or by grabbing a bit of stocking and twisting then Fasten the base of the nose with some rubber band or glue some googly eyes or buttons for the eyes, etc...

it is really up to you, be creative!

Step 6:

water them every day :)