Introduction: Sling Tube :D

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 Hear I will show you how to make your own Gravity Hammer, it is really a mace type weapon that uses force to launch anything you store inside outward at a high velocity.

I am not responsibly for any or a injure, or involvement with the law on your part, so think safety! Be sure to where proper protection and be sure to secure all protection.  

I discovered this masterpiece when i was sweeping and i happed to break the broom and I saw a hallo inside then it hit me. if i put something inside would it launch the answer: yes! also a little inspiration from halo have me a ideas to.

Step 1: Tools & Supplies

Hear are all the tools and supplies needed to complete the project. 




Broom Handle, the cheep metallic "ish" one
Heavy dute rope 
Tape of any kind

Step 2: Preparing the Barrel

 In order to retrieve the barrel, simply break open the broom stick with the hammer. Be sure to break the barrel to the length that fits you.

Grab your pliers and begin the clean the edges of the barrel, also use the hammer to pound the broom back in to a circular circumference. 

Step 3: The Sling and Handel

Grab a  length of rope about as long as your arm. and tie it around the end of the barrel, then 3/4ths the way on the other side, and tie it again to the end of the sward and re tie ti to the 3/4th part, the Brade is optional

Use the tape to wrap around the handle to give grip and your finished.

Step 4: How to Operate

Grab the hammer  by the handle and insert a projectile in to the barrel and swing it as if it were a sword and watch the magical forces of sentrifical force launch your projectile toward the object