Introduction: Gray Water System

''Greywater is wastewater from a range of sources including your bath,
bathroom basin, laundry and shower. It doesn't include blackwater such as wastewater from toilets''.More information here.

As someone can imagine, we are talking for hundreds liters of water wasted.

I never liked wasting water...After reading articles about gray water systems, I wanted to do something like that since January. Finally, i made it exactly the way that i wanted it. The water was exiting from the house 's pipes in the back yard and the soil was absorbing it. I wanted a sustem that moves the water in front of the house(well, not a exactly in front), takes it to a burried storage tank (or a 50Lt rubbish bin like below) and a submersible 12V pump take it outside(and irrigate trees).My purpose is to explain and present my Gray Water Sustem and hopefully it may be helpfull for others.

Step 1: Measurements and Planning

You have to find the perfect spot in order to burry your "storage tank". Mine is 20 meters away from the pipe. Also, the terrain is a bit hilly.So i had to dig and every half a meter i had to use a spirit level, in order to move the water using gravity and slope. Just imagined that i spend more hours trying to make the water travel than digging for the rubbish bin.

I had to measure the tube from the exit pipe to the tank and the necessary amount of cable in order to have the pump worked.

Step 2: Connecting the Pipes

I had used 12mm diameter hose but it proved that was not enough. So, i uses a 32mm hose.Teflon tape is welcomed ;). I keep the 12mm hose at the pump 's exit (perfect diameter for it). I used a 16mm fitting and i cut it 's thread with the utility knife in order for the 12mm hose to fit in.A bit of push and it 's done.

The pump 's inlet got a polyester screen in order not to get damaged or get blocked. Also, i have attach a piece of screen and a small soft piece of cotton fabric to the output of the pipe carrier.

Surprisingly, the pump can push the water 25 meters away, and still can deliver it in normal quantity.

P.S. I have connected the 32mm hose to the house 's pipe with a simple plastic cylindrical container(not pictured).

Step 3: Electronics

I choose a 12V 2A submersible caravan pump connected to a 220V- 12V 2A transformer. I also put a 5X20mm 2.5A fuse before the switch. The tranformer ends to a 5.5x2.1 mm male barrel jack. The connection between the switch and the transfomer is via a corresponding female barrel jack. All have been put inside a simple waterproof bowl.

Step 4: Cost

12v 2A Transformer = 5,50E

Female barrel jack = 0,50E

12V 2A Submersible pump = 12,50E

30m Electrical copper wire 0,75 mm = 4,50E

Fuses (pack of 10) = 0,50E

Waterproof switch = 1,30E

2 Terminals = 0,14E

Fuse holder = 0,18E

20m Hose 32mm = 8,40E

Faucet = 1E

Fittings = 1E

Waterproof food Container = 0,50E

Plastic rubbish bin 50Lt = 5,29E

Total: 41,31E

Thank you for your time. Feel free to ask.