Introduction: Great Kratky Method

wow my first intro got kind lost sorry. if you get confused i will try to answer your questions asap. thank you.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1. lay's stax container (they are like $1 each plus tax at walmart. I bought 30 LOL) i also use 16.9 ounce water bottles. note: if you use a clear container it needs to be painted black or white.

2. box cutter or an exacto knife

3. 2 inch hydroponic net cup

4. 3oz cup

5. hydroponic stones

6. sharpie pen

7. 1 one by one inch rockwool cube

8. your favorite hydroponic mixture. i am using masterblend npk 20-18-38

9. these are great for lettuce and pepper plants.

10. plant seen in pictures is a bell pepper.

11. please be kind this is my first instructable.

npk explained:

N - stands for nitrogen. You probably knew that one. This nutrient is the leaf and stem developer and adding nitrogen will get thing growing fast. It's always perfect for leafy veggies. After all, it's the leafy part that we're after in vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, etc.

P - stands for phosphorus. This nutrient is valuable for developing flowers and fruit - plus helps roots take quickly to the soil around them. If you're frustrated by lots of leaves and stems developing on your fruiting crops like pumpkin or tomatoes. But nary a fruit in sight - you may need a boost of phosphorus.

K - stands for potassium. Potassium promotes healthy roots systems and helps the plants resist disease. It also works alongside the phosphorus in developing fruit. You'll notice it's importance if you're growing root crops such as carrots or turnips.

Step 2: Instructions

1. take the hydro cup place on the lid and trace the circle.

2. cut inside that line to make sure cup fits.

3. add nutrients to container almost touching bottom of the hydro cup.

4. add stones around rockwool to avoid algae growth.

5. put under light source. avoid direct sunlight with seedlings if you can.

personal preference: i start all my seedlings in a plastic bag with damp paper towel. I will be posting that method.

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