Introduction: EZ-EL Wire Green Car Kit Step-By-Step Tutorial

About: Electroluminescent Wire is an amazing technology. Working like a fluorescent light bulb in wire form, it can be applied to just about anything. The possibilities are endless; you can bend it, cut it, splice it…

This is an easy step-by-step process of how to install EL wire onto your car. Impress your friends right when they hop in! And the built in music response technology the wire has is a crowd pleaser.

The wire is easy to cut, bend, shape, and install onto virtually anything! Let your mind and hands get creative with it!

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1. Ez-El 10’ Green El Wire + Car Inverter
2. Ez-El 25’ Green Electroluminescent Wire
3. Scotch Tape
4. 8’ Scissors
5. 28 Gauge 100 ft. Galvanized Wire
6. Tekton 3504 Precision Needle Nose Pliers
7. Heavy Duty Side Wire Cutter Plier 4.5 Inch 115mm

Step 1: Plan Design

Plan out the design of the el wire by mounting the el wire onto the car with scotch tape. 

- Note: 10 Ft El Wire was not enough to fit my dashboard, so it is recommended to use 25 ft EZ-EL Wire.

Step 2: Use Galvanized Wire to Attach EL Wire to Car

Once you've designed the shape you wish on your car, 

A: Cut about 2 inches of galvanized wire and twist the ends tightly together.
B: Use pliers to help you twist so it's easier on the tips of your fingers.
C. Use a wire cutter to cut the excess wire.
D. Continue this process throughout your design.

Step 3: Mount EL Wire to Car

Mount the el wire onto the car on the mounting lines of the car. Also begin removing the tape as you proceed throughout the design.

Step 4: Attach the Bass Response & Turn It On!

Put the bass response at a low setting to allow bass to respond.

Now turn the EL Wire on! ENJOY!

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