Green Christmas Wreath

Introduction: Green Christmas Wreath

In this holiday season we have a old neglected proposal that we need to prioritize its help the earth

to accomplish this lets start to make our christmas greener doing a wreath of recyclable

lets start with that old wire frame of the last Christmas wreath
and some grocery store plastic bags that otherwise will pollute our planet for thousands years

just star wrapping the bags folded in half in each of the loops of the wire frame

two or three are enough for each one

wrap all around the wire frame

to finish lets make a bow here we use the classical color red and green but you can use your imagination and resources at hand to chose the colors you prefer but pleas don buy a bag for this

remember help the planet


just hang it on your front door and spread the message

have a greener christmas and new year helping our environment.

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Step 1: Lets Start With a Real Commitment With the Environment This Season

Lets start with that old wireframe that might be hanging in your basement and a bunch of grocery store plastic bags about 2 or 3 for each loop of the wireframe

Step 2: It Only Takes 5 Minutes to Do It

Simply take each bag fold it and wrap 2 or 3 en each loop fluff it and style it

Step 3: Put It Some Spirit

Get a pair of fancy store plain bags to contrast making a beautiful bow fold in three along and three again and hold the longs with a piece of wire and attach it to the wreath.

Step 4: Voila¡¡

just arrange and stylize it and its ready to hang it in your front door and spread the message have a greener Christmas and a happy new year!!!!1

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I believe this is called hanging trash bags on your door. This isn't green, you should not even have those bags in the first place if you were green. You know what is green? a branch from a pine tree. It wont harm a tree to cut one off and it looks nice. Or buy one, wreathes are made out of sustainable pine trees - natural/ good looking. yours is made out of plastic bags - made from refined oil/ not good looking. Darn I'm commenting on a 2 year old post.