Introduction: Green House Made by Recycled PCBs

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In order to highlight the concept of environmental protection and enhance our understanding of PCB, in November 2016 organized the first ALLPCB PCB Masters. During the competition, all the creations will consist of a number of recycled printed circuit boards. These creations will be rated by creativity, aesthetics and technology.

Green House is designed with the theme of energy creation, energy use, and energy regeneration. Roof is able to transfer the light into electricity to achieve the internal power supply in house, such as cooking, lighting, etc. The use of windmill transfers the wind into electricity in case of electricity shortage. The treescan purify the air in daytimeand play the role of lighting at night. The swing takes the use of kinetic energy, to achieve manual and automatic integration as a whole.

Step 1: Preparation


Recycled PCBs with different soldermask (Red,Green,Blue,Yellow)

Aluminum Boards



Glue Gun


Marker Pen

Step 2: Design&Cutting

In this step, all the designers decide the size of Green House and choose all the recycled PCB boards they need and mark the cutting line. Then, they cut the boards into the required shapes.

Step 3: Assembly

All kinds of cutted PCB boards are assembled together with the help of glue gun and adhesive.