Introduction: Green Lady Bug

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This is a simple craft project that me and my daughter did together for her vacation project. The theme give was insects and since she like lady bugs very much I thought it would be fun to make a smiley lady bug.

Step 1: Things Needed

I have used the following items for this lady bug project

Black acrylic color

Pearl Green colors

Paint brush



dual tape

plastic spoon

spherical plastic container like the one that I ve used

or just a ping pong ball will do.

Step 2: Cutting the Ball

1. Take the spherical container or a ping pong ball and cut it into half

2. Keep one half of the ball as it is for the bug's body

3. Once again cut the other piece of the ball into half as shown in the images

Step 3: Painting the Parts

4. Paint all the parts with pearl / metallic green paint and let it dry

5. Color the edges with black for out line and let it dry for some time

6. To the quarters make small black circular spots

7 To the other half make a larger black semicircle which would look like the bug's head

Step 4: Fixing the Parts

8. stick a piece of dual tape to one side of the hemisphere close to the head part

9. Place the wings on the other side of tape

10 Similarly stick the other wing to the body

11 Now the bug has both its wings attached to its body

Step 5: Fixing the Head

12. Take the plastic spoon and cut its head

13 Place a dual tape on the spoon and paste it under the hemisphere or the bug's body

14. This would look like lady bug's head

15. Paint the head black

16. Make small eyes and a smiley face

bug's ready to play with once dry, to make it a little more attractive to kids, googly eyes could also be placed. We had a lot of fun making this bug, hope others would too.

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