Introduction: Led MudGuards

*** i have taged the photos to show you what to do ***

mudguard mod to add leds to a topeak mudguards
the items i used ...
leds from the 99p store
insulation tape from 99p store
glow sticks connectors .... had to buy a tube of glow sticks to get the connectors from 99p store (see photo how i cut the ends off
i used them as thay are good for holding the leds in place)
stick on velcro tape from 99p store (that i use to hold the battery box to the underside of the mudguard)
topeak mudguards from halfords £10

you don't have to copy this mod you may get a few ideas to do your own :)

UPDATE ..... i have added a few more photos of my back mudguard (Activequipment mudguard from tesco £7.96) that i have just fixed with leds .... it is done in the same way as the fornt mudguard .. just one good thing is it is longer and there for you can put 2 sets on making it 20 leds :)

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