Introduction: Green Peas Masala

-Green peas masala made with fresh green peas is very tasty and goes well with roti or naan.


-One cup boiled fresh green peas

-2 diced tomatoes

-one diced onion

-Few capsicum slices

-2 chopped green chillies

-2 garlic cloves

-Half tsp cumin seeds

-2 cloves

-2 cardamom

-small inch cinnamon

-Bay leaf

-1tsp coriander powder

-Half tsp garam masala

-half tsp red chilli powder

-pinch of turmeric powder

-salt as per taste

-Roasted cashews for garnishing

Step 1: Sauteing

-First step before starting the procedure we need to boil green peas and keep ready.

-Take a vessel and add little oil to it.When oil is heated add cinnamon,bay leaf,cloves and cardamom

-Even add garlic cloves,sliced onions,green chillies and saute until onions are cooked

Step 2: Blending

-cool and blend the above sauted onions spice mixture to paste

Step 3: Keep Ready With All Other Ingredients

-Dice the tomatoes,boil green peas and keep ready

-Even keep ready with all spices.

Step 4: Cooking

-Take the same vessel and add few tsp oil to it. Add half tsp cumin seeds.

-when cumin seed splutter add diced tomatoes and cook until they turn mushy

Step 5: Add Blended Paste

-Once tomatoes become mushy add blended paste and mix

Step 6: Add Spices

-Add a tea spoon of coriander powder and half tea spoon of garam masala which gives nice flavour to dish

Step 7: Mix All Spices With Paste

- Add half tsp redchilli powder, pinch of turmeric powder,salt as per taste and mix so that all spices gets blended with tomatoes and onion paste

(you can skip red chilli powder and add only green chillies if you want less spicy)

Step 8: Add Boiled Green Peas

-Final step is to add a cup of boiled fresh green peas and give a mix.

( If necessary add little water and make gravy consistency)

Step 9: Garnish

- Finally add few capsicum slices , mix everything and cover and cook for few minutes

-Garnish with fried cashews and serve hot with some roti or naan

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