Introduction: Green Piggy Bank

My cheap and easy version of decoupage.
With limited and very accessible resources, I am presenting a project worth sharing. 

Step 1: Materials Used

Materials used:
1. Plastic bottle (label removed, clean, and dry)
2. Some colored paper
3. Water (approximately 60 ml)
4. Paper glue or all-purpose white glue
5. ordinary plastic tape
6. Double-sided tape
7. Scissors
8. Cutter (or X-acto knife)

Step 2: Basic Parts

1. Remove the bottle's neck

2. Cut top portion of the bottle (this will define the size of your piggy bank)

3. Cut the bottom part

4. Obtain a plastic strip from the scrap about 1 cm in width and 2 rounded pieces of what would be the ears.  Shown here are the basic parts you have to prepare.

Step 3: Forming the Body

1.  Cover the opening where you cut the spout from with plastic tape

2.  Make a slit opening where you would drop your coins into

3.  Attach the base of the bottle using plastic tape. Secure it well

4.  Make a ring about 3 inches in diameter out of the plastic strip you prepared earlier as shown in the photo

5.  Attach the ring to the other side of the bottle opposite to the slit opening you just created

Step 4: Decoupage

1.  Cut pieces of colored paper (I used peach) about 1 inch square (not necessarily be of perfect squares).

 2.  Combine 1:1 ratio of paper glue and water. Mix it well

3.  Dip a piece of paper to the glue mixture...

4  ...and lay it flat to the body surface. (You may want to line your work area with old newspapers as this step can get a little messy)
Cover the body completely and evenly (do not cover the slit opening).
Pay attention to the shape and contour of the surface by smoothening it using your fingers.

5.   And do the same to the ears using a different color, in this particular project I used pink colored paper

6.  Let your project dry over night or leave it under the sun. (As you can see, I placed them on top of a plastic sheet. You don't want your project to stick to the surface of your table)

Step 5: Parts Assembly

1.  Completely dry and ready for its parts

2.  Prepare the pig's other body parts.
Get your black colored paper and cut out 2 pieces of circles 1 cm in diameter for the eyes, 2 small oval-shapes for your pig's nostrils, 4 small rectangles for the feet, and one pink circle 1 inch in diameter for the nose

3.  Assemble the parts using paper glue

4.  Make sure the eyes are aligned

5. The small rectangles are glued to the sides of the base as shown

Step 6: Finishing

1.  For the pig's tail, you need a 1 x 5 inches long of colored paper the same color as that of the ears

  2.  Crumple it into a ball and spread it open (so that the paper can be easily manipulated/ formed)

3.  Twist the paper as shown...

4.  Bend it in the middle and twist both sides together

5.  Glue it to the rear. And there's the tail

6.  Use double-sided tape or paper glue to attach the ears to both sides of the pig's head.

Step 7: Ta-da!

A Green Piggy Bank!

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