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Introduction: Green Vehicle Company

My goal is to create a company which specializes in building eco-friendly off-road vehicles. (they can be used on the road too!) I have everything I need to get started except the funds. I have a certified mechanic and shop, a mechanical engineer, project manager, and marketing agent. Without too much detail (as I don't want my great idea to get snagged), I will be converting a rugged 4x4 vehicle to run off of a diesel motor. With this I can run on diesel and biodiesel. I will also add a conversion kit so it can run on veggie oil as well as used cooking oil. The vehicle will be lighter, more fuel efficient, have more power, and produce less emissions. Also, if it is run on veggie oil it will produce even less emissions... Super Green! The vehicles are only part of where this money will be put to use. I will need to secure some decent insurance and legal council to set up a legitimate LLC. I inherited this planet from my parents, and this his how I am doing my part to clean it up for the next generation.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Look at or some other crowdfunding program. This is worth pursuing.