Introduction: Green Velvet Cake Pops - Perfect for the St. Patrick's Day Season

Need a desert idea for a St. Patrick’s Day party? Want to bake something new? Whatever the case, green velvet cake pops are a tasty treat everyone will enjoy.

This recipe is for bakers of all skill levels looking to try out the fun and festive recipe, Green Velvet Cake Pops. Not only is this recipe a party favorite, but it is also very versatile and can be made in several ways! If you have an 1 hour and 45 minutes to spend making a delicious desert, it sounds like Green Velvet Cake Pops are right for you. Let's get started....

Before you start making your cake pops you first you need to gather all tools and ingredients. Use the first two steps to ensure all supplies are accounted for.

Step 1: Gather Appliances, Cookware and Utensils


  1. Food Processor
  2. Microwave


  1. Cookie Sheet
  2. Medium-sized mixing bowl
  3. Container to store/carry finished cake pops


  1. Spoon
  2. Fork
  3. Butter Knife
  4. Food Service Gloves

Step 2: Gather Ingredients


      1. Green Cake:
        • Make a store bought white or yellow cake mix (I choose Pillsbury yellow cake)
          1. Follow the Directions on the Box
          2. Add one tablespoon of green food coloring to finished batter before baking.
      2. Betty Crocker's Cream Cheese Frosting
      3. Any Green and/or White Sprinkles
        • These can be bought at any supermarket or online for more festive choices
      4. 2 bags of Wilton's Green Melting Chocolate
        • If you cannot find green melting chocolate
          1. Buy white melting chocolate
          2. Add a teaspoon of green food coloring

      For an experienced baker: You can make your cake and cream cheese frosting from scratch:

      Step 3: Crumble the Cake

      Now that you have all the necessary ingredients and tools, you are ready to being making your cake pops. You will now begin to crumble the Green Cake. Cut up Green Cake into small chunks with Knife. Place pieces of cake in Food Processor. Your cake should now look like in picture 3. Next, pulse the processor three times. Your cake should now be a piles of crumbs like in picture 4. If parts of your cake is in small chunks, give it another two pulses. Repeat until cake's appearance becomes all crumbs.

      Step 4: Add Frosting to the Crumbled Cake

      After crumbling the cake, add a heaping scope of the cream cheese frosting to the cake crumbs in the processor. Mix the frosting and crumbs with three pulses of the possessor. Your cake should now be fully clumped together as in Picture 6. If there are more then a few loose crumbs, add a spoonful of frosting to the cake. Mix with two pulses. Continue to add spoonfuls of frosting one at a time and mix the cake until the cake is fully clumped like in picture 6.

      Caution: If you add to much frosting, it will be difficult to roll and dip the cake balls later. To prevent this, add small amounts of frosting at a time after the initial heaping scoop.

      Step 5: Roll the Cake Into Balls

      Once you get the right ratio of cake to frosting, it is now time to roll the cake into balls. First, put on food service gloves to prevent from dying your skin. Now, pick up a small spoonful of cake. Begin to roll the cake between your hands and into a ball. Once its in ball form, set it on the cookie pan off to the side. Repeat until there is not enough cake left to make another ball.

      Step 6: Melt the Chocolate

      Next you will open up both bags of the green melting chocolates. Poor the entire contents of the bags into the Medium-sized mixing bowl. Place bowl in microwave. Microwave for 30 seconds at half power or on defrost setting. Stir with spoon. Continue to microwave and stir until wafers are completely melted. If your chocolate looks like the chocolate in picture 10, continue to stir and microwave until it is completely smooth like in picture 11.

      Step 7: Dip the Balls Into the Melted Chocolate

      Shortly after melting your chocolate, scoop up a cake ball with a fork as in picture 12. Now, dip the ball into the chocolate by submerging the ball into the bowl of chocolate. Once the cake ball is completely covered with chocolate, use your fork to lift the ball out of the chocolate. Place cake ball back on cookie sheet. Repeat with 5 more cake balls then move on to next step.

      Step 8: Add Sprinkles on Top

      Before the chocolate hardens, lightly add your white and green sprinkles to the top of your cake balls. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all cake balls have been dipped in chocolate and sprinkled.

      Step 9: Enjoy!

      Once the chocolate hardens, the cake balls are ready to enjoy! You may stack them in any container to better transport or store them. Also, if the cake balls will not be eaten immediately after making, put the container of cake balls in the fridge until it is time to eat them. I will leave you with one last word of caution, when you bring these to an event be sure to bring enough for everyone. If there is a shortage, serious injuries may occur from fighting over the last few cake pops. :) Enjoy!


      Many of my pictures are from: Love from the Oven