Introduction: Green Wallet Card Protectors

I started making card protectors because I was annoyed with getting my cards dirtied and smudged. At first, I tried to just clean them (with rubbing alcohol, vinegar, dish soap, etc.) but it wasn't good enough. Somehow the "ink" from the wallet was getting to the card. And I wanted crisp, brand new cards. So I came up with these Green Wallet Card Protectors. (They're green because material-wise it just uses recycled paper bags. Nothing else to it...)

Let's get started~

Step 1: Get a Recycled Paper Bag

Step 2: Size Up Your Card

All wallet cards are generally the same size (8.5 cm x 5.5 cm). You can follow my measurements above.

*Remember to add some slack for the protector to hold but not grasp the card. You can do this by adding a couple millimeters to the base's width.

Step 3: Cut, Glue, Fold

*You can refine your protectors by rounding the base.

**Also, glue the protector together WITH your card inside. Start pulling the flaps together to get a snug fit.

Step 4: Add a Tab

Get a coin and create a half-circle at the top. This will allow you to easily identify and remove a card.

Step 5: Done!

You can now keep your cards cleaner and longer lasting.

I've been keeping my cards like this for a couple years now, and I'll say that you may get smudges at exposed areas (like at the tab). And as it wears down, you may have to make new ones. But I've never had my cards become as bad as they were before. You can also get minor scratches depending on the quality of paper, if you can get thin felt you may have better luck. This accomplishes what I want and hope it does for you too.

Step 6: Horizontals

*Or just cut the side from the vertical holders.