Green Burrito's K'nex Gun

Introduction: Green Burrito's K'nex Gun

This is my first instructable so, don't make fun of it, please

Step 1: Parts List

get these parts:
10 blue spacers
16 orange connecters
1 white rod
1 white connecter
13 to 15 grey connecters
and so on and so on

Step 2: Makeing the Barrel

2 red rods
1 white connectors
14 yellow connectors
6 spacers
2 to 4 grey connectors
1 orange connector
and put it all together.

Step 3: The Middle

put together,
11orange connectors
2 grey
2 yellow rods
and 4 spacers
like this.

Step 4: Make the First Handle

put together,
7 blue rods
2 green
6 red connecters
3 orange
and 3 gray

Step 5: Make the Second Handle

put together,
2 blue rods
1 white
6 grey connectors
and 3 orange

Step 6: Make 1/4s Into 1/2s

pic 1 put the middle and the handle together.
pic 2 put the 2nd handle and the barrel together.

Step 7: Make the Gun Onto a Whole Piece.then Your Done!!

pic 1 make the fireing pin.
pic 2 put the 1/2s together and put it in the gun.

Step 8: Watch This Movie

by the way it uses yellow rods and you use your thumb to do the trigger thingey.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I vote we just leave him alone, and if he posts something similar to one of your creations, what is the probability it was ripped off something you did?

    Trainman 2001
    Trainman 2001

    14 years ago on Introduction

    yea dont your gun suck and i agree 100% with trainman 2000 oh and i dont care if you said please

    Darth Trainman

    Well... You DID say please... But really, we have so many similar guns, and saying it's your first instructable does not give you total and complete exemption from criticism. My first instructable was of a large machine gun. It was well met, since there were so few k'nex machine guns around. At the time, the best gun to post would be a nice, hardy machine Gun.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    but i dont have very many recorces such as a, motor or any thing like that.