Introduction: Greenhouse Box

This is how to make a very easy greenhouse out of a box.

Step 1: Step 1 Materials

The materials you will need to make a greenhouse box is

1. a cardboard box

2. plastic wrap

3. box cutter knife

4. tape

5. hot glue gun

Step 2: Step 2 Cut the Box

for this part you need to cut the box all for sides cut them like big windows you also need to cut the top of the box

Step 3: Step 3 Get Some Sticks and Glue Them Together

in this step you need to get 2 sticks and glue them together to make a long stick

Step 4: Step 4 the Long Stick

in this step you will need to use the hot glue gun to put the long stick on top of the box so it won't cave in when you put the plastic wrap

Step 5: Step 5 Put the Plastic Wrap

for this part you need to wrap the the plastic wrap around the cut box

Step 6: Step 6 Use Tape

for this step use the tape to get the plastic wrap to stick to the box correctly

Step 7: Step 7 Make a Small Door

the last step is make a small door so you can put the plants inside and take them out to water them.