Introduction: Greenhouse From Two Recycled Headboards! :)

First of all let's see what a greenhouse is. Well, this ‘building’ is a safe place for the plants to grow up in, it also keeps the soil and air humid and keeps the warm that comes from the sunlight inside as well. That means that the nights are warmer for the plants inside and it also keeps the plants safe from animals like rabbits that can actually eat our plants.

Step 1: Let's See What We Need! :)

Here is a list of all the materials that we are going to use in order to build this recycled compost maker.

  • Two structures of headboards (just the outside structure, we don't want the middle part that our back holds into).
  • Several woods, the length of those will depend on how large we want it. (I used the wood that goes on the side of the bed after cutting it).
  • A drill, which will be great for screw the screws or attach the nails after. (I don’t have one, but it will help the wood to not break and also we won’t need as much strength if we use a manual screwdriver as I did).
  • Some screws or nails. (I used some screws, but you can use nails too).
  • Hammer or screwdriver.
  • Plastic for greenhouses (in this case I needed 9x2m)
  • A stapler with some clamps for it.
  • A hoe and a rake.
  • A third person to hold the structure while you are building it.

Step 2: Let's Get Into Job! :D

Mount the structures of the headboards like shown, in the pictures with screws/nails (consider using the help of a third person that will hold in place the structure while you mount it), this will be the front and the back of our greenhouse. (if you haven't got any headboard, you can use normal wood).

Step 3: Finishing the Structure! :)

Take the pieces that are going to be the side parts of our greenhouse and attach them to the structures that you have already done. I put two screws in the top one, so it didn’t balance after mounting it. After this, we will mount another two at the bottom part, which make it more rigid, and once this is done, we will put another one, that third one will join together both pieces that we've just assembled and so it will definitely be as strong as it can be. (I just put one, but you can do it in both sides.)

Step 4: Let's Get the Cover Up! :)

Now that we've got the structure up, we can add on the plastic.

First of all we will put it on top of the structure, and we'll leave more or less 10cm on each side (that we will attach later, and not now to the sides), and 30 on the bottom as you can see in the photos. Before cutting it, we will clamp it with the stapler to the structure as tight as we can (but noticing that is plastic and if we tight it too much we will probably break it!!). Once it is in it's place, we will cut it leaving more or less the distance I mentioned without attaching it.

Step 5: Clamping the Back Side! :)

Here we are going to attach the back and front parts of our greenhouse, for this step, it's better if you've got the help of a person. Between both of you put it tight, and start claming the plastic to the structure, leaving more or less 30 cm at the bottom of it. Once the back side plastic is clamped, we will take the part that we left on the top without attaching, and we will put it on top of the side plastic and clamp them like that, so when it rains, the wood doesn't get wet and the greenhouse lasts longer. You can see how I made it in the photos above.

Step 6: Making the Door! ^-^

Now it's time to do the front side of our greenhouse. To start with, we will attach the top part to the frame (just the top part, not the sides!!). Then the bottom part with just one clamp and leaving 30 cm under it. When it is tight we can put a piece of wood inside, between the headboard structrure and the plastic at the same high as the other piece of wood that goes side to side (you are going to need the other person’s help here to hold it in place while you clamp the plastic into that piece of wood, and then cut the plastic just through the bottom of the clamped wood. That’s going to be the door.

Now it’s time to attach the plastic that we cut, but this time, we have to clamp it to the headboard structure so the other wood piece with the plastic remains at the front of it (This has been a bit difficult to explain, I think you can see it better with the pictures too).

Step 7: Let's Protect Our Plants! :)

In order to protect the plants for the animals to not eat them, we have to dig out the soil that is all around our greenhouse, we’ll do this with a hoe like shown. Now, we can put those 30cm parts of plastic into the holes and just after that, we will cover it up with soild, this will avoid possibles visitors when we are not around, even if they dig out a bit. Once the soil is on top of the plastic, we will use the rake to take out all the rocks around, so it’s nice, clean and comfortable at the time that we put our knees down. ;)

Step 8: Security Locker! :O

Once you’re here the greenhouse is done.. but the door stays open as you may have guessed and we don’t want that. In order to solve this, we are going to screw two screws on each side and we are going to join them together with the help of a rope or something similar (watch the image above if you don't understand what I mean), so it can be either open or closed whenever we want! :D

Step 9: Tomatoes, Peppers, Strawberries..!!! ^-^ :D

We can plant directly in the soil, but I’m going to use this as a seed germinator. For this purpose I’m going to put some plastic boxes on top of the floor, and on top of them will remain the flowerpots, as you can see in the images.

Now.. You can feel free and enjoy your greenhouse!! :D

Step 10: Thank You, Would You Mind a Vote? :)

I really hope you like this instructables and who knows.. Maybe you're thinking on building it!! :D

Could you to consider your vote? I would really appreciate :)

Thank you :D

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