Introduction: Greenhouse From Turkey Roaster Stand

The germination rate for the seeds I started indoors was much higher than I thought it would be, and that resulted in my having way more seedlings than would fit under my grow lights. So I wanted a way to house them outdoors, but still in a protected environment. I knew I needed to make a small greenhouse. 

- Metal frame from a turkey roaster
- Plastic wrap (i.e., Saran wrap)
- Top from a large plastic storage bin (optional)

Step 1:

I found a metal frame from a turkey roaster at a thrift store for less than $1. I covered it in plastic wrap. Done!

Step 2:

It's not pretty, but it does the job well. It holds 10 of the standard 4- or 6-cell seed starting trays. If it gets too hot in the greenhouse, I just fold back part of the plastic wrap on the top.

I have the trays out on my deck for now, so I set them on top of a white lid from a plastic storage box, with the greenhouse over that. The lid is not essential, but the white color helps to reflect the light back onto the plants. Also, one side of the lid is concave and I positioned it so that it will help water drain away from the trays. Alternately, you could just position the greenhouse over plants that you have already put into the ground. 

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