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Introduction: Greenscreen Setup

These instructions will help you with the proper setup of the chroma key effect, otherwise known as green screen effect. These instructions are especially helpful for setups at home with a low budget.

You will need:
3 10x3 ft. pieces of lime green cloth
lime green thread
10 ft. pole
sewing machine
3 lights (floor lamps or something similar)

Step 1: Sewing Together the Green Screen

Sew together the 3 pieces of cloth side by side so that you have a 10x9 ft. green sheet. Use green thread that is the same color as the fabric.

Step 2: Loop for the Pole

Along the 9 ft. side of the green sheet, fold the fabric down 2 inches. Sew this fold at the end of the sheet creating a long loop.

Step 3: Insert Pole

Insert the 10 ft. pole in the loop. Hang this pole from the ceiling.

Step 4: Preparing the Sheet

Ensure that the green sheet is carefully spread across the pole so as to get rid of any ripples. The sheet may also need to be ironed to get rid of wrinkles. This will minimize shadows in the green screen.

Step 5: Lighting the Green Screen

Evenly light the green screen with two lights, one on each side. Keep the light even across the green screen as much as possible to ensure the best effect.

Step 6: Position and Light the Subject

Position your subject about 3 feet in front of the green screen to avoid shadows. Light your subject with your 3rd light.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    If it were a perfect world, you would have up lighting and down lighting in addition to your side lighting on the green-screen, but other than that, good instructable. :)