Introduction: Greeny the Smart Greenhouse

Hello Everyone

Now im here to share my final project at my school, It called Greeny The smart greenhouse. The first things i want to apologize for my english and the second i want to tell you about Greeny, Greeny is a smart system who can growth your plant inside greenhouse. Greeny have a temperature control system and also watering system. Greeny also can give you report about environtment condition inside greenhouse from web server , Datalogger and LCD.

And now Lets make it ..........

Step 1: What Will We Need ?

Ok now i want to tell you what component need

1. Intel Galileo Gen 2

2. Arduino Uno

3. TEC ( Thermoelectric) cooling device .

4. Water Pump

5 .15 Watt Led for heater device

6. 1 watt Led 2pcs

7. Micro SD 16GB

8. DHT22 Sensor

9. Soil Moisture Sensor

10. LDR

11. Relay 4 Channel

12. LCD 20x4

13. LCD i2c module

14. RTC module

15. Fan

16. Resistor 10k

17. IC 74HC125

18. Water Pump

19. Breadboard

20. Wires

21. IP CAmera

22. Home Router

23. LAN Cable

24. Wood +Acrylic Box (Platform Greenhouse)

25. Internet Connection

For all of that i spend around 4 Million Indonesian Rupiah ($308,00)

Step 2: Electrical Circuit

Now i will tell you about Greeny Electrical Circuit Connection

Intel Galileo

Pin 2 ------------------ Data IN DHT22

Pin 3 ------------------ Data Out DHT22

Pin 5 ------------------ Relay CH1 (TEC)

Pin 6 ------------------ Relay CH2 (water pump)

Pin 7 ------------------ LED 1 watt

Pin 8 ------------------ Relay CH3 (LED 15 watt)

Pin A0 ---------------- Soil Moisture sensor

Pin A1 ---------------- LDR

Pin A4/SDA --------- SDA RTC Moudule

Pin A5/SCL --------- SCL RTC Module

Arduino Uno

Pin 2 ---------------- Data Pin DHT 22

Pin A0 -------------- Soil Moisture Sensor

Pin A4/SDA --------- SDA i2c Moudule
Pin A5/SCL --------- SCL i2c Module

About Using Intel Galileo and Arduino Uno

why i use Intel galileo and also Arduino Uno ? because i have some problem with using 2 i2c device at intel galileo, i try to find some literature to fix that problem, i try each solution but i still cant fix that problem. and i try to use my old arduino Uno just for displaying environtment inside greenhouse to LCD. thats why i use Intel Galileo and Arduino Uno

DHT22 Work around for Intel Galileo

First i use DHT22 and DHT11 for my Arduino Uno i didnt get any problem to use that . but when i use Intel Galileo i get a problem, when i attach it directly to Intel Galileo, DHT22 didnt give a value of Temperature and Humidity. After that i try to find any Solution for my problem. and i found the solution at Intel Comunity . From there i know that Intel Galileo cant work with one wire device .

He said

"The main reason the DHT temperature and humidity sensor does not work
with the Galileo is because of the tight requirements of one-wire device like the DHT11 and DHT22 sensors. With just one wire, DHT and many other one-wire devices will not work with the Galileo because the Galileo takes too much time when switching a pin from one direction to another. This is because the Galileo uses IO expanders for the gpio that controls the pin direction and those IO expanders are connected to the Galileo via I2C. "

the only one way to make DHT22 work around Intel Galileo is put IC74HC125 as tri-state buffer and Resistor 10k

for detail you can visit DHT22 Workaround Intel Galileo

Data Logger Intel Galileo

you can access datalogger file from SD card who attach in Intel galileo. if you want to see datayou need to take off micro sd from intel galileo and open it at computer with notepad

Tips for Using TEC

I use TEC because my friend tell me that TEC is a fantastic Cooler he can make ice without water . just like in picture it can reach -17.6 celcius WOW!! but in real i can left it sleep when the temperature down from 29 to 26 celcius. the question , why so take the time to down just 3 celcius ? the answer is i make a mistake in mechanical and placement the TEC. i just use Aluminium foil and Fan to bring the cool air from TEC to Greenhouse. If you want your TEC work maximum you should use cooperplate like processor cooler. it can make better result .

My friend from sabisa Farm Bogor Agricultural University tell me that for some reason better we replace the TEC with sprayer like Fire Alarm in building . Thanks for advice Mr Dirga and My friend from sabisa farm

Step 3: Make Web Server for Monitoring and Connecting to Intel Galileo

Now i will tell you how to make web server for monitoring environtment inside greenhouse. i make the web with HTML , CSS and Bootstrap .

for the tool, i use

TP-link MR220 Router

IP Camera Tp Link NC200


after that connect IP camera to router with LAN Cable.

Configuring Network

This step i will tell to make a wireless connection network. it can make you able to access web server monitoring from your computer or gadget. To make the network i follow guide from manual book. after i make the network i make an address reservation for intel galileo and ip camera.

for Intel Galileo i give IP

for IP Camera i give IP

Connecting Intel Galileo to Router

To make Intel Galileo connect to Router just plug LAN cable from ethernet port in Intel Galileo and and connect it to LAN port at router . And This important when you configure wireless network to enter MAC address Intel Galileo. you can find it at sticker near Ethernet port .

Note : the code i will show next in Code step

Step 4: Code

And now we arrived at my favorite step. we will make the code or i like to call it "Ngoding Time"

here i will give you the code of greeny the smart greenhouse including web server monitoring code

you can download code below

Greeny Intel Galileo

Greeny Arduino

Instruction :

Upload Greeny_Log1 File to Intel Galileo

Upload Greeny_Arduino to Arduino Uno

Step 5: Growth It !!

If you want to access Monitoring web server, you need to be in area of wireless connection (i still trying to make it can be accessed outside network ) connect to wireless connection and open your browser and access And ....... Greeny will give you information about your greenhouse

After too long process finally i finish to Make greeny the smart greenhouse . i hope you enjoyed reding and try to make this . thanks fro reading and Sorry for my english

and last from me

" Think Smart and Growth it "

(Khoirul Iman)

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