Introduction: Greeting Card From Scrap Fabric.

Got a huge pile of scrap fabric? Make a Greeting Card or a collage.. Whatever.

        Scrap Fabric, Scissors, Tape, Glue or Contact paper

1. Find a Paint By Number or Make your own photo into a paint by number (Try not to get too fancy)
2. Print the template two times
3. Cut out the puzzle pieces (cut up ONE of the templates)
4. Tape paper pieces onto fabric (for fun, try different textures, sheens, etc...)
5. Cut out fabric pieces
6. Assemble the fabric pieces onto the contact paper or use glue to put in place.
7. If you are doing a collage, you're done!!! If doing a card, glue the finished product to the card or make your own card and "frame"  with matching paper

This turned out pretty well. It is a 5th birthday card for a cousin of mine! All in all, it took 5 hours, but that is because  my 2 year old daughter got her hands on the first card I made and decided it was fun to pull all the pieces off the contact paper.