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Introduction: Griffin TuneFlex Fix

The iTouch Phone is an ever growing technology way to communicate. We see more and more of it everyday. All the aftermarket companies are following close behind it. My wife has one of those Griffin TuneFlex system for her car but it developed a loose swivel joint where the phone would no longer stand straight and would always flop over. So she put me in charge of fixing it and I put on my low priority this is how SHE FIXED IT!

Step 1: The Parts

This is what she worked with. The Griffin TuneFlex and a rubber band. This is so simple it's brilliant. The back has a swivel connection that was too loose.

Step 2: The Fix

The rubber band comes in many sizes and strengths. This one came from our mail delivery. She wrapped it evenly four times around the part that inserts into the car power supply. Then she slid the whole thing on to the back of the Griffin TuneFlex. That was it.........done!

Step 3: Finished

Doing this she put enough resistance on the swivel to stay where she wanted it on it's own.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    As an update she found that the rubberband can also be turned into a figure eight to help keep it from slipping more.