Introduction: Grill


Grill from scrap raw materials. In what way ?

This is the "LEGO" waste-processing system in the home mode way. Lego cubes are known around the world. We can build products that we want, depending on our knowledge and imagination.

In the real world, there are waste materials for me like LEGO cubes, which can be assembled according to our needs. Why do something work if it's already done?

The product must provide usability, functionality, aesthetics and without harm to the environment.

There is such an example.

Step 1:


1.1. Drum for washing machine

1.2. Iron board stand

1.3 Grate for stove

1.4. Holders for heaters of 80 liters of water

1.5.Angles profil 20 x 40 mm, thickness 2 mm

1.6. Screw M6 x 25 mm – 8 pcs

1.7. Screw M6 x 30 mm - 3 pcs

1.8. Screw M6 x 40 mm - 3 pcs

1.9.Nut M6 with washer 14 pcs

Step 2: Process


Remove all plastic parts from the drum first

2.2. Cut the drum with an angle cutter into half

2.3. The upper part of the drum is clamped and cut to a height of 50 mm

2.4. Seal it 4 x symmetrically 30 mm due to bending - outwards

2.5. Shake sharp edges

2.6. Bottom part 4 x symmetrically cut 30 mm due to bending - inwards

2.7. Shake sharp edges

2.8.Upper part of the drum is planted on the bottom

Step 3: Process

2.9. The elements of the water heater are first cut to ½

2.10.Open them at the end of the radius of the hole

2.11. Cut in length and sprinkle sharp edges

2.12. In the holders we are drilling 2 holes fi 6,5 mm

Step 4: Process

2.13. Place the upper part of the drum on the grid so that it is symmetrically positioned

2.14. Each holder is placed separately on the drum, the hole position is indicated

2.15. Drilling holes through both parts of the drum - fi 6,5 mm

2.16 .Each bracket is fixed with 2 x M6 x 25 mm screw with nut with washer

2.17. The rack must be firmly placed in the groove of the supports.

2.18. The screws hold the grille and both of the drums together

Step 5: Process

2.19. Cut the profile 20 x 40 mm to a length of 40 and 120 mm

2.20. In each part, drilling 3 x holes fi 6,5 mm

2.21. Place the ironing board stand on the bottom of the drum

2.22. Let's enter the angular profiles and mark the positions of the holes for fastening

2.23. Drilling in drum 2 x 3 holes fi 6,5 mm to fasten the stand

2.24. Mount the connector with 6 x M6 screws and a nut with a washer

Step 6: Test

We turn on the fire

For vegetarians

For those who like meat

Good appetite and lots of pleasures.

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