Introduction: Grill Hook Upgrade

Hanging hook improvement for Dyna-Glo Grill

I live in a condo and found this small grill with fold down shelves and storage underneath. The little hook knobs on the shelves are supposed to be a convenient place to hang tools. I got pretty sick of stuff falling off those dumb knobs. I put magnetic hooks inside and on the front of the door. They mostly work, but occasionally get knocked off. I set out on a mission to somehow upgrade the shelves with better hooks. This is the end result.



  • Pliers
  • Wrench
  • Rotary Tool Cut Off Wheel (I used fiberglass)
  • Sanding bit (I used a grinding stone)

Step 1: Remove Old Hooks

I removed (unscrewed) the existing knobby hooks and took them to a hardware store to determine their size and thread type. Mine were M6-1.0. I eventually found a suitable M6 hook online. But, I quickly discovered the style of hook made tool hanging cumbersome.

Step 2: Cut the Hooks

I used a Dremel rotary tool and fiberglass cut off wheel to modify the hooks so tools could be placed and removed easier.

Once I decided how much of the hook I wanted to remove, I marked it with a permanent marker. I then used my portable work center to clamp the hook into place. The cut off pieces will be very hot, hot enough to melt plastic. I was able to position the hook in the clamp, so that the cut off pieces would fall to the concrete below. Stand out of the way of the sparks as your are cutting.

Step 3: Sand the Hooks

There may be some rough / sharp edges where you cut. I used the rotary tool and a grinding stone bit to clean up the rough edges.

Step 4:

Step 5: Install the Hooks

Once the hooks are cleaned up and have had a change to cool off, you can start installing them onto the grill shelf. An M6 nut on either side keeps the hook in place and prevents it from turning.

Install one nut on the hook before installing it on the shelf. Thread the hook into the shelf. Install the second nut on the alternate side. Once you get the hook into place and positioned (pointing upwards) you can tighten both nuts to keep the hook from turning and moving out of place.

Step 6: Trim the Screws (optional)

I went back and trimmed some of the screws. A hacksaw works well (but is slow). Dremel cut off wheel would be faster. Just be careful on the threads in case you need to remove/reinstall a bolt.

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