Grill Starter - Smal But Very Usable Device




Introduction: Grill Starter - Smal But Very Usable Device

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Grill Starter is the project which don't require many supplies and time to construct. The device is simple but very useful and brilliant. It allows to start barbecue grill in just a minutes with great red, hot charcoal ready for cooking.


- pipe

- piece of metal for a handle

Step 1: Making the Chimney

First step is to make chimney. I used pipe leftover from mounting my fireplace at home.

The pipe is 2mm thick and has 12cm in diameter. I cut it to have 35cm of height.

Step 2: Making the Grate in Chimney

Now it's time for something which will hold the coal inside and still deliver the air from bottom to top. I divide the pipe to equal parts around the circle at the bottom and then draw the straight lines up to 10 cm. Then I cut the stripes along this lines in the pipe.

I cut every 4th stripe at half and then bend all of them to the inside using the hammer.

Step 3: The Handle

The chimney need to have the handle. The longer is better, because it won't heat so much during usage. I made a handle from some scrap of metal bent using hammer. Then I weld it to the chimney.

TIP: it's good to add some isolation to the handle. Without isolation You need kitchen gloves to use the device.

Step 4: The End - Using Grill Starter

That's all - starter is ready.

Now You need to place it on something stable. Then add to the inside some wood scraps or chemical grill starter. Put a scrap of paper underneath. Then add a coal into the chimney and fire the paper.

Paper will light the wood scraps, then the fire will grow due to the natural air flow (from bottom to top). After few minutes You will notice that You can see heat inside the chimney. Wait a few minutes more and You will have good, hot coal for Your grill. Grab a handle with kitchen gloves (heat resistant) and pour the hot coal into the grill.

Now enjoy Your barbecue ! :)

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    1 year ago

    You use matches I use a gas torch because it lasts longer than a match ,costs a few bucks for the canister top and about a dollar a can for the gas. Put it where you would put a match and never burn your fingers again in the wind. About 100 fire lights per one dollar canister so probably cheaper than matches and saves a heap of growing trees.

    Yours is a great idea for starting the Hibachi too.