Grilled Cheese Sandwich Reloaded

Introduction: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Reloaded

The greatest sandwich ever.

Step 1: Ingredients

Swiss cheese

American cheese



Step 2: Butter the Bread

You put the butter on both sides of the bread and toast them in a pan. Then when the bread starts to toast you put the cheese on top of each slice of bread and put them both together to make a sandwich.

Step 3: Check for the Cheese

Check inside the sandwich to see if the cheese has melted. If it has melted and the bread gets a gold color it is time to take the sandwich out of the pan, if not keep the sandwich in the pan.

Step 4: Enjoy

When you take the sandwich out of the pan, get ready to enjoy. Cut the sandwich in half and watch the cheese ooze down.

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    2 years ago

    Nice! You should add a slice of tomato in there. Really live it up! :)