Introduction: Grilled Eggplants With Chili Sauce

Eggplant is a vegetable that people usually cook to eat especially mixed with chili sauce will definitely taste good.
so today I'm going to make grilled eggplants with chili sauce... It will taste good if the chili lover is eating.
Let's start


Four eggplant

(For chili sauce)
1. Pepper (13)
2. One tomato
3. Onion (8)
4. Spices (royco)
5. shrimp paste

Step 1: How to Make Grilled Eggplants

provide a place to burn eggplants until they turn all black

Step 2: Water in a Container

after the eggplant skin becomes black and split, then prepare water in one container so it is easy to peel the skin.

Step 3: Process on Chili Sauce

The first, provide a pan filled with oil, then pour the peeled onions, shrimp paste, pepper, and tomatoes that I have cut into six parts

Step 4: Second

during frying do not touch the shrimp paste because it can turn into small granules and If it's slightly cooked onions, tomatoes, and pepper, also shrimp paste then take it and then pour it into chili sauce tool.

Step 5: Third

After that, on the mortar it becomes like chilli sauce and then pour 1/2 the royco spices so that the flavor has a flavor to the chilli sauce

Step 6: Fourth

if the taste doesn't taste good, you can put salt and enough vetsin to taste well on the chilli sauce

Step 7: Almost

when the eggplant was soaked, you can peel the skin and put it in a chilli sauce tool and mash it gently so that it can become a grilled eggplant with chilli sauce.

Step 8: Done

after finished, heat the oil then pour in the chili sauce tool and mix again so you can put it on a plate and ready to be served