Introduction: Grilled Pizza

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Who doesn't like pizza? Pizza can be made in so many ways and can be accommodated for anyone. My wife doesn't eat dairy but that doesn't keep us from eating pizza; We just make our own. Here is a fun, tasty and simple recipe for making pizza using the grill!

Step 1: Ingredients and Prep

Ingredient List:

Pizza Dough

Pizza sauce

Mozzarella cheese (Mozzarella is optional. Choose whatever you like! Vegan cheese works too; My wife used Daiya for her pizza.)

Pizza toppings of your choice


Olive oil

Set your grill on low. Cut up your veggies and place them in the muffin tin along with any other topping choices. Put your sauce and cheeses in separate bowls as well.

This step is crucial to grilled pizza, as you will need to add the sauce, toppings, and cheese during the cooking process. Using a muffin tin allows you to easily portion the toppings. I decided to keep the sauce and cheese separate from the toppings because they're in different steps of assembly.

Separate your dough in 2 equal portions; or for smaller pizzas 4 equal portions. Now roll out the dough using a rolling pin until desired size has been reached. Place raw dough on a plate and oil it on both sides.

Now, let's start grilling!

Step 2: Propane and Propane Accessories?

I'm sure you can use a charcoal grill for this step (and i'm going to try that out later),however, gas grills provide easier temperature control. The grill should be warmed up by now, clean it off it you must cause here we go!

~Mini steps~

1. Put the raw dough on the grill.

2. When the dough starts to bubble, flip it over.

3. Now that it's been flipped, it's time to start the fun part! Let's assemble our pizza. Add your sauce, cheese and toppings onto the grilled side in any way you want.

4. Close the grill and let the pizza's sit for a few minutes until the cheese has melted and toppings are cooked. Once they finish, slide them onto their own plate and...

Step 3: Finished!

Proudly admire your work, you have just finished making grilled pizza! My wife introduced this concept to me, and I think it's a winner. I cannot use my gas grill where I am currently (and it's the winter right now), so i'm going to experiment with charcoal. Happy grilling!

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