Grilled Watermelon

Introduction: Grilled Watermelon

Add flare to tailgating.

Step 1: Cutting Out the Grill

Cut the ends off to make the top and bottom. Get all the good stuff out with knife spoon or sword. Cut a chunk off the back for an open top look. Hold in place with skewers.

Step 2: Selling the Grill Concept

Poke a few skewers in laterally. This will be your grill surface. Take a piece about one inch wide and make three pieces. I try and get a pretty good dog leg and make them about the same length. Cut back a mortise in each leg where it goes into the melon and make a hole in three equal places in the grill. It's not very critical because you can cut to fit once you invert said melon

Step 3: Put the Grill Together

Once you have the legs where you want them, stack something under the melon center. Those rinds will not hold up for four quarters. Taking the chunk out of the top will make it really start to look like a grill.

Step 4: Grillin and Chillin

These are not the ones shown in the fake grill. These are to be set out for actual eating. I like to double skew them. It makes for easy flippin. I like to salt and rub before they go on. It also helps to get the grill scalding ass hot the put them on for about three minutes then flip. They go quick so grill half and serve the other half raw for a little yin and yang

Step 5: Take to Exciting Places

Or does this take you to exciting places. Enjoy

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