Introduction: Grinder Bit

This is a tool for all robot makers

Step 1: Materials Required

All r Robotic scraps

One spare plastic wheel

One sandpaper sufficient enough to cover the entire perimeter of the wheel

One axle or rod slightly larger than the hole of the wheel (it's for a reason but the difference should not be greater than 1mm)

Araldite or some local epoxy

Step 2: Procedure

first take the rod and hammer it to the centre of the wheel such that it makes a tight fit

Apply some epoxy for safety Be patient enough to let it dry Then stick the sandpaper across the perimeter of the wheel with epoxy thoroughly otherwise at high speed it may break away Be patient enough for it to get dry cause it is the most important step otherwise it may lead to accidents After all of this u will be having a fully functional drill grinder bit

Step 3: Usage

first tight ur self made bit to the drill tightly

And you r good to go It reduces the end moment effort and also helps u attain perfect tape peeling wedge

All Robotics fan and botmakers if u guys realise how beneficial this is on the event days when u can do different things with the same drill.sothat u can focus more on the event rather than the heavy tools u might have to carry

Pls vote this tutorial for the tools contest

We r trying to make all tools possible with the help of drill machine so that we can just do all works with a simple drill itself

Step 4: Story Behind This Idea

we r school students of 9th standard who take part in robotic events

So not much funding. For all tools and devices for perfect precise working

We won at an event and using that money we bought ourselves drill machine and other tools (thought that the grinder is of no use :c)

So at events we used to thoroughly oscillate our hands over the wedge holding sandpaper

Suddenly an idea struck us

This was how we developed this grinder bit .......

Keep a track of our channel cause we will be developing cutter bit modification for the drill soon

If interested in watching our bots videos then pls go to the link

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