Introduction: Grocery Bag Shoes

This is my first instructable! I came up with this idea of making shoes after i learned how to fuse plastic bags. I don't really explain in detail how to do it in this but you can look it up and its pretty straight forward. I wanted to make something but i didn't want to make a big dress or anything like I've seen so i made some shoes! I've also made a wallet using the fused plastic bags method. Its so easy if i had more time and more plastic bags i would do it all day long!

Step 1: Begin Taking Apart the Shoe

So first i bought these pair of converse at a market for really cheap near where i live. I got converse because i thought they would just be the easiest pattern. I took out the piece in the middle then I started with the stitching right next to the toe and cut them with a tiny pair of scissors. If i had a seam ripper that would have been much easier.  

Step 2: Take Apart the Shoe Even More

I may have had lower quality shoes because I'm in china and there is never a guarantee you're getting the real thing, but for me, it was really easy to pull the rubber away from the fabric sides. I did this all the way around and it ended up being just one piece that came off. I left the tongue on the shoe because i really like that orange color :) There were extra stitches that kept the side fabric sewed to the inside-bottom of the shoe so i had to cut those also before the sides could be taken off. 

Step 3: Remove the Heel Piece

That seam ripper would have been helpful removing the heel piece too. I took it off because i wanted to keep it for the final product to make sure the heel was still supported and strong. 

Step 4: Make a Pattern

I traced the piece i would be replacing with plastic onto paper to use as a pattern later. The sides ARE NOT IDENTICAL. It may seem so, but they're just slightly different and it actually matters. Label the sides and which shoe, Left or Right, the pattern is for. 

Step 5: Plastic Bag Fusing

Im not describing how to fuse the bags, but basically you iron a bunch together and make a big piece of fused plastic.

I used my pattern to help me put together my design for about where i wanted the words and colors to be. I used a bunch of bags from our local grocery store Jenny Lou's and they do shrink just barely when they're fused together so don't trace the pattern directly to the plastic, then iron it ,THEN cut it out or it will be wrong. Get a general idea of where you want items, pictures, or certain colors to be and then fuse it together. Make sure its long enough to cut out the final shape or else you'll be in some trouble. After its fused, then you can trace the pattern and cut it out. Im sorry if that was confusing, but idk how to say it differently. 

Make sure you have enough layers or you might melt through and ruin the plastic.

I almost forgot to put a clear layer over the colors too. Without the extra layer on top, the color and words might have gotten all warped or not turned out as neatly. 

I punched the holes using a toothpick, then a pencil to widen the holes. A real hole-puncher might have been convenient as well. This was all being invented as i went along, i didn't really plan out all my supplies in the beginning. 

Step 6: Reconstruct the Shoe!

So now we put it back together! To get it out of the way, i tucked the tongue into the shoe so it wasn't flapping around. I used double sided tape all around the inside edge of the rubber and then just stuck the plastic on there. I superglued the inside seam then duct taped over it. I would not suggest double sided tape... Maybe a hot glue gun or pretty much any other kind of adhesive would work. But i liked the duct tape just for extra security. So! there it is! The walls are up! its beginning to look more like a shoe again. I didn't get a picture of putting the heel piece back in, but i just taped and superglued it into the new shoe and it was fine. 

I also had a bit of trouble getting the fabric of the second shoe, so some of it was stuck behind making the heel not stick to the rubber. Whatevs, you can hardly tell. 

Step 7: Finish!

Stick in the insole or whatever its called and then lace em up! Pretty cool and pretty easy! Use the plastic bags you have in your house to be green! 

I also have them in a picture with the wallet i made by fused plastic bags. 

I didn't explain it for each shoe because, well, its just common sense. do the same thing with the other shoe. They don't have to match, that'd be cool if they didn't. It was just easier for me.

Woot! Hope ya like em! 

Step 8: Extras

yeah this isnt really a step at all but i would like to add pictures of other stuff ive made using the fused plastic bag method. Ive made a few hats for my friends that have turned out pretty cool. Ill make instructables for hats later but as of now i only have pictures of the finished products. 

I made the pink one for my friend whos last name is Ho :) I made the bill on that one a little too long so i shortened it after and dont have a picture but it doesn't look as awkward now. 

The white one has a logo taken from a Silk Market bag. I like that one a lot. Its a snap back with snaps i got from some old laundry bag i got from a hotel. 

The blue one with the W was for my friend William and turned out looking like an old fisherman's hat or some kind of Mario character's hat. Its not adjustable but it fit him fine. 

Soon I'll have the instructables up so stay tuned! ( or whatever its called online)