Grocery Bag From Dog Food Bag!




Introduction: Grocery Bag From Dog Food Bag!

In a recent initiative to go green, I have been trying to find ways to be green in my life. One great thing I found is to make reusable grocery bags from empty dog food bags.

They are strong and durable and can last many grocery shopping trips.

Step 1: Supplies

For my dog food grocery bag I used

An empty dog bag



A sewing machine

Step 2: Cut Bag

The best way I have found to start is to cut the bottom and top of the bag.

The feed bags full size are to big to be grocery bags so by cutting the top and bottom I am able to adjust the size to make it ideal for grocery shopping. Plus I will have extra material for making the handles.

Once cut I flip the back inside out

Step 3: Sew

After cutting the ends I then sewed the ends.

At the bottom I sewed the ends together to close it.

After sewing it closed the first time I went over it one more time for added security.

At the top I did a hem so there wouldn't be a raw edge at the top. To do the hem I folded the top over and then did a quick stitch around the perimeter.

Step 4: Handles

I created the handles from some of the extra scraps that I cut earlier.

I cut my large scrap in half giving me two equal pieces.

I then took those pieces and folded into thirds, finally sewing it all together down the middle. The result gave me two great handles.

Step 5: Connect Handles

My final step was to add the handles to the bag.

While the bag was still inside out I measured how long I wanted the handles to be. I had some extra so I started by sewing them onto the top of the bag.

To put handles on a great stitch to use is an X or a Z. To make the stitch I did one line at a time fulling front stitching and back stitching so there are at least 2 layers of thread for each line.

After the handle was sewn on I trimmed the ends to make them flush then flipped the bag right side out again.

Step 6: Finished

Now I have an awesome grocery bag to use at the store. These bags are both unique and quite durable.


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6 years ago

We have Cat's and I also do the same except I line the inside of the bag with left over Fabric or Plastic, and sometimes use Velcro or sew in an old zipper, I use it as

"My Craft Bag for Knitting/Crocheting". (Great when it's Raining/Snowing)

Thank You For Sharing.


6 years ago

I do something similar. I use ordinary plastic bags, a nice looking one for the outside and ordinary checkers shoprite etc bags cut to the size of the pretty one. Layer them so: the pretty one right side down and 2-3 others on top on the wrong side of the first one. Cover with grease proof paper. Using your clothes iron dry, on rayon/wool setting fuse the layers of plastic together. Do this quite quickly. Check that the layers have fused. If not, do it again. They will shrink slightly and get a little crinkled. Do this with another set. Cut them to size and sew up with the instructions of the puppy food bag. Cutoffs are used for handles. I make two shorter handles for easier carrying. I've made several and given them away as gifts. Friends like them as they can be folded small and kept in a handbag.


6 years ago on Introduction

What a great idea. I am always looking for a good REUSE project and I buy the large bags of cat food as much as possible. Next time I empty one I'm going to try this!


6 years ago on Step 6

great idea for keeping dog supplies together in the car.

KanPo Studios
KanPo Studios

6 years ago

Wow ! Excellent instructable!
I have three medium size dogs and use 50 pounds bags.
Let's do this. Thanks Louise.


6 years ago on Introduction

Bags like this are so durable! I have one made from a chicken feed sack and it's lasted through 6yrs of groceries with no signs of quitting. Great project!