Introduction: Grooming a Cross Country Ski Trail

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Cross country skiing can be much more enjoyable when there is a groomed trail. Some prefer to Just ski where they want while others like a trail clear of obstacles.

Things you will need:
A trail: that has been cleared of large debris, such as downed trees, sticks and tall grass.I suggest that you go through in the fall and take care of this as much as possible and then return in the winter to clean up new obstacles that may have come down during the winter storm.

Snow: of course, if there isn't much snow then this will not be very beneficial where there is only a little snow.

-Our power source is a Ski-Doo Skandic SWT it's a beast if you are accustom to normal snowmobiles.
-Our drag is a custom made drag kinda like the one depicted here .
-Our tracksetter is this exact model .

Time: if you don't have the time to keep it groomed you may run into trouble in the long run.  

Step 1: Fundamentals of Snow Grooming

There are three things that you need to keep in mind when grooming a cross country ski trail. Weather, snow and traffic are all crucial factors when it comes to having a good trail that will last.

Weather: Of course is a factor in all of this because if it's going to be 50 degrees later in the day or week, then your trail will not last. If the weather forecast says it is going to be below freezing in the very near future then this is the best time to groom. 

Snow: Comes in many different forms, from powder to ice and everywhere in between. Grooming is very dependent on what type of snow you are dealing with. Snow is of course also effected by the weather. If there is too much snow you can also run into trouble by getting stuck like my second picture depicts. I had to dig for 20 minutes to get it out. 

Trafic: If your trail has a lot of traffic and the weather has been warm then it may not last and you may have to groom more often to have the best experience possible.  You may run a crossed traffic you were not expecting, for example animals may start using your trail because it's easier to get around in the winter, this may force you to have to groom more often. 

Step 2: An Example of Perfect Grooming.

An ideal situation to groom: the weather is about 25-30 degrees the forcast for tonight is going to be in the teens (Fahrenheit), you have roughly one foot of snow on the ground and your trail is clear of debris. Your groomer is gassed up and you are ready to go. take the groomer down your trail paying carful attention to how deep your drag sinks in and packs the snow. Also note the tracks left by the tracksetter. If the weather is warmer then the snow will become easier to pack. With the forecast saying the temperature will be below freezing  later on such as overnight the trail will have time to freeze over night and should be rock solid the next day. 

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