Introduction: Groot Painting

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I have NO IDEA why the music is gone.. IT'S GONE! Ugh! Boring Video. Sorry. =(

Step 1: Fist Few Steps

First I sketched out Groot.

Then I got a light brown and used that as the base of groot.

Step 2: Lots of Brown

Using a few different shades of brown (about 4) and a LITTLE black you're going to want to distribute that around your Groot in the manner that fits best to your sketch. Add Light brown for highlights and dark brown for shadows. Because Groot is a tree it's best to use lot's of different browns to give him texture because he has A LOT! only use a sad bit of black in places you really want to sink into the background.

ALSO I did make his eyes brown and using a TINY brush I made a few 'shines' in them. =P

Step 3: Some Green

It's best to add some green to him, like moss, because he's a tree. How i did that is a took a fan brush and taped it onto his head and chest in places I thought he could use some green. I used two different greens to give it some life.

Step 4: Last Little Details

I also added a few twigs and leaves coming off his back as well as writing "I Am Groot" on the side. That was just for fun.


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