Introduction: Groot Picture Frame for more!


Sometimes I like to take things and make them more fun :P Here is how I dressed up an old picture frame!

What you'll need:

- an old picture frame
- air dry clay
- clay tools
- wood glue
- acrylic paint
- Crystal Clear Enamel spray paint
- picture of Groot (optional!)

Step 1: Apply the Clay

I've found that air-dry clay will stick better to its-self. So after covering the entire frame in clay, I went back to add patches of more clay for the bits of wood sticking out.

Sculpting tips:
- Keep your fingers wet and the clay damp to make it easier to sculpt.
- Use tools for fun details
- Use a mixture of clay and water to stick bits of clay to other bits of clay easier

Step 2: Prime for Paint

Apply a layer of wood glue to your creation before the clay gets cracked up. If it does start to crack in places, get your finger wet and rub the crack to fix it.

After the wood glue layer dries, put on a layer of dark brown/black. get in all of the cracks!

Step 3: Details

This is one of the fun parts! with a dry brush, dip just the tips of the bristles into a lighter brown and lightly brush onto your creation. this will apply paint without getting in the deeper darker parts and add dimension!

Add in some green details to make it more interesting. Like vines or moss!

Step 4: Clear Coat and Add Picture

Spray your fully dried frame with Crystal Clear Enamel to protect it!

I added a picture of Groot for fun :)


hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Please visit my page for more photos and tutorials! THANK YOU!