Introduction: Groove Coaster PC Controller [PART 1: Booster Hardware]

Working on a PC controller for the upcoming Groove Coaster PC release on Steam
Here's a small tutorial on how to assemble the hardware for a arcade stick based booster

Step 1: Supplies


- Arcade Joystick (used a generic Sanwa style fro Amazon)

- 60mm White Flat Arcade button

- Dollar Store Personal Massager

- Equate (Walmart) Nail Polish Remover (just need the caps)

- Round 18 cu. in. Ceiling Box (B618R)

- Large Washers

- Sanwa style 30mm Arcade Buttons (not shown)


- Various bolts

- 3/8 in dowel rod (Walmart for 50 cents)


- Semi Transparent jug (used a cheap vinegar jug)
- Large grey Funnel


- Screwdrivers

- Strong adhesive glue (2 part Epoxy or Super Glue/CA glue)

- Drill

- 7/8 in hole drill bit

- Dremel/Rotary tool with cutting disc and sanding bits

Step 2: Salvage Parts From the Massager

  1. Disassemble the Massager completely including removing the battery wires and terminals, only reattaching the white part where the battery holder is back to it's lower colored ring with a couple screws
  2. We need to make a hole so use a 7/8 in hole bit and drill out the center of that white battery section
  3. Take a sanding tool and sand down the raise battery parts and other tabs on the white part
  4. Use a sanding bit to also get rid on the tabs and widen the hole on the top colored ring
    1. This will sit on top of our 60mm button so make sure the opening is widen enough to slide over

Step 3: Modify the Arcade Stick

By default the arcade stick is too long and has no means to attach a top button to.

  1. First we must disassemble the stick by removing the mounting plate and ball top
  2. Next measure 20mm on the shaft and mark the line to cut
  3. Using a rotary tool/Dremel with a cutting disc, slowly cut the shaft
    1. The shaft is harden metal so this step will take a bit, so go slow
    2. Have a cup of water nearby and dip the metal into every minute or so to cool it back down
    3. WARNING: the metal gets extremely hot, please run under water and let cool before touching

Step 4: Create a Attach Point for the Top Button

  1. Grab your large washer (ignore mine has a cut in it) and the 3 prong plastic part from your Massager disassembly
    1. That plastic part will be found in the bottom section of the massager around the vibration motor
  2. Using a cone shaped grinding stone bit on our rotary tool, widen the holes until they fit on the arcade stick shaft
  3. place the plastic piece below and the washer on top lining them up with the very top edge of our shortened shaft
  4. Glue in place with strong adhesive such as 2 part epoxy or super glue
    1. One trick when using super glue is to apply a generous amount on the connection and then sprinkle Baking Soda on the glue
    2. the Baking Soda will instantly set the super glue and also for a strong support material like a hard putty
    3. Keep applying layers of glue and baking soda to build up a strong joint

Step 5: Modifying the Arcade Buttons

By default, the 60mm arcade button has it's micro switch placed on the bottom which is too long for our assembly and also much to hard to click compared to the Sanwa arcade button

Out goal is to merge the best parts of these two buttons together and make a shorter button that will fit in our controller better

  1. Disassemble both arcade buttons
    1. To do this, you want to gently squeeze the tabs on both sides and push the top plunger out
    2. For the Sanwa button, gently squeeze the sides of the black switch inside and it should also pop right out
  2. Take out 3/8in wooden dowel rod and cut a 18mm long piece off
  3. Then cut a groove into one end deep enough to fit the flat end of the Sanwa switch into
  4. Take the switch with dowel extension and slide it up into the hole on the bottom of the 60mm plunger
  5. Slide this hole assembly carefully back into the 60mm housing
    1. The Sanwa switch should be large enough to be stopped at the end by the tabs inside with it's electrical tabs being just shy of poking out the bottom

Step 6: Assemble the Top Button

  1. Take our fully assembled new 60mm button and screw it into the massager ring with our hole drilled in it
    1. NOTE: The 7/8in hole made may be just a hair too small, so use a a sanding bit or a hobby knife and gently shave off a little bit until the arcade button screws into it snugly
  2. Once the bottom is screwed on, place our top ring on (this will require glue to permanently attach)

Step 7: Create a Connection Point for the Button

  1. Take the lid off our Nail Polish Remover bottle and see if the threading inside will allow the arcade button to screw into it
    1. For me, the cap worked great and let it screw right in but you may have to find another cap that works for you
  2. I cut a hole in the top of the cap, making it a tube and then glued it upside down (screw threads on the bottom) to the washer on our arcade stick shaft with more super glue and baking soda
    1. The hole cut in the top was to make sure the cap sat flush with the washer since the glue from Step 3 made a slightly raised bump in the middle of the washer
    2. NOTE: Make sure the glue is completely dry before proceeding to screw the arcade button in, or else you might glue it on as well!

Step 8: Attatch the Arcade Stick Into It's Housing

This step is optional if you have another means of securing your boosters to the final controller, I just used this method so I can have it securely drop into an outer housing with LEDs like the original Groove Coaster cabinet boosters

  1. Drill two holes on diagonal tabs in the bottom of our Ceiling Electrical housing box
  2. Drop the arcade stick into the housing
  3. Using two long bolts, screw them upward through these holes and align them trough the side mounting holes on the arcade stick's black plastic as well

Step 9: Finished!

Screw your top button down onto the arcade stick threading it through that newly attached cap, and you're done!

Repeat all the steps again for your other Booster and you're set for

PART 2 : Electronics & Controller Assembly (COMING SOON)