Introduction: Ground Blind Stand

I am building a stand for a hunting-blind. I will elevate the pop up/ground blind by using the stand. Elevating the blind will help hunters because they can see farther because they're higher off of the ground. You will set your blind on top of it, and you will be able to get to your blind by a ladder that I will build.

Step 1: Material/Equipment List NEEDS PICS

1. Treated lumber (2. and 3. and 4. shown below)

2. 4 feet long 4" x 4"

3. 2" x 6" (4 feet and 5 feet)

4. 5 feet long 5/4 deck boards

5. 3" Nails

6. Hammer

7. 2.5" Deck screws

8. Hand held electric drill

9. Powered Miter Box saw

10. Tape Measure

11. Clamps

Step 2: Assembly Procedure #1- the Two End Sections

1. Two 4' long 4" X 4" treated lumber legs are laid 4' apart, and a treated 2" X 6" treated board is nailed across the top and bottom of the legs to make the end sections of the stand. Measure the diagonals to insure it is square before nailing it. The 2nd end is made the same way.

Step 3: Assembly Procedure #2- the Two Sides

1. The two end sections are stood up vertically 5' apart and 5 feet long 2" x 6" boards are nailed to the top and bottom of the lateral side of the two ends to create the side walls. The use of clamps will help you keep the boards in place without having to prematurely nail them, so you can ensure everything is right before you nail it.

2. The top 2" x 6" boards will be the load bearing member, so they are bolted along with nailed to ensure support.

3. Again, measure the diagonal to ensure it is square before you nail it.

Step 4: Assembly Procedure #3- the Deck and Steps

1. The 5 feet long 5/4 treated deck boards are screwed to the load bearing 2" x 6" boards with minimal gap between the boards.

2. The 2" x 4" steps are then fastened to one end to your preference in height so YOU can enter your blind comfortably.

3. Hooks are installed on the corners of the top to hold down the pop up blind.