Introduction: Ground Clear a Gravel Driveway

Hi! I live way out in the country and I have a long gravel driveway. When grass starts growing, the driveway gets messy and the grass brings dirt and muck to the surface. When this happens I typically use a commercial ground clear to remove the weeds from the driveway.

Step 1: Supplies

Ground Clear (This one is from Home Depot)

2 gal sprayer (also available at Home Depot)



Some weeds to kill

Step 2: First - Put on Gloves

Follow all safety instructions with the ground clear! Remember, this is a chemical. In this case, it was recommended that I wear gloves. It also stated not spray when there is wind, as the chemical would spread. When it rains it could also wash into good plants that you want to keep. Also - don't spray around pets.

Step 3: Measure Out Ground Clear

This particular brand uses 1 quart per gallon. This covers approximately 75 square feet. My sprayer is a 2 gallon, so I doubled this. I have a really long driveway.

Step 4: Fill With Water to Mark

Fill the sprayer with water to the desired mark, remembering the instructions before.

Step 5: Attach the Sprayer Handle

Slide the handle into the opening at the top. Then screw in place.

Step 6: Pump Sprayer

Pull the handle up and push down. Do this approximately 20-30 times. This builds pressure in the sprayer and allows you to spray the mixture. If you hear air hissing from the sprayer it means that some connection is loose.

Step 7: Using the Wand

Once the sprayer has built up pressure, use the wand to target those pesky weeds.

Step 8: Dead Weeds!

Dead Weeds will take a couple days to die out.

Note: This is also useful on patios and concrete driveways.