Grounded Mini Musical Tesla Coil

Introduction: Grounded Mini Musical Tesla Coil

This project was to create a musical tesla coil and then try to find if grounding the tesla coil would affect the sound being emitted. This remix was inspired by the Mini Musical Tesla Coil Kit



1. musical tesla coil kit

2. ground wire

3. wire nut

4. metal rod

5. aux cord

6. 15-24V, 2A Adapter

Step 1: Step 1. Get Tesla Coil

Step one: Get musical tesla coil kit. You can either get a kit where you have to assemble the tesla coil yourself or you can get one that comes pre-assembled.

Step 2: Step 2. Assemble Tesla Coil

Step 2. Once you get the kit you need to follow the instruction provided with the kit and assemble the tesla coil. If you purchased the pre-assembled kit you can skip this step.

Step 3: Step 3. Test the Tesla Coil

Step 3. Test the tesla coil to see if it works. Plug in the adapter into an outlet and then plug the end of the adapter into the the larger connection point on the tesla coil circuit.

Step 4: Step 4. Make It Play Music

Step 4. In order to make it play music, you have to plug one end of an aux cord to the smaller connection on the tesla coil circuit then plug the other end into a device that plays music. This could be your phone or an mp3 player or a computer or anything else that can play music.

Step 5: Step 5. Assemble Ground Connection and Connect to Tesla Coil

Step 5. In order to assemble the ground connection, you'll need a spool of coated wire with the edges trimmed off. Then you'll need to connect one end of the wire to a metal rod using the wire nut. Then, put the metal rod into the ground outside and hold the opposite end of the wire up to the spark created by the tesla coil. This essentially grounds it. It turns out that doing this greatly decreases the volume and quality of the music.

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