Introduction: Grout Scraper

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The tiles were layed down and now it’s time to clean the dryed concrete from between the tiles. But to my disappointment the scrapping tool bought from the store was too thick for the spaces. But that’s ok. Using what was already lying around the shop I made my own scraper that fit perfectly.

Step 1: Parts & Tools Lists


3” cutting wheel (with the thickness that matches the tile space.)
Two Paint Sticks
Two 1/4” x 1” bolts
Two 1/4” washers
Two 1/4” wing nuts


1/4” drill bit

Step 2: Drill Holes and Assemble

Drill the first 1/4” hole 1.75” from the end of the paint stick, then drill the second 2” from the first hole.

To assemble, sandwhich the two paint sticks with the cutter wheel in between. Line the hole of the cutter wheel with the holes closest to the end of the sticks.

Press a bolt and washer through the holes with the cutter wheel. Thread the second washer and a wing nut to the bolt.

Press second bolt through the other holes and thread wing nut.

The nuts only need to be finger tight.

Step 3: Conclusion

Now you have a scapper that can fit between the tiles. Happy grouting!!

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