Introduction: The Best/Safest Bismuth Crystal Instructions

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Grow your own crystals out of molten metal and learn about metallurgy and crystals in the process. No pouring molten metal from one container to another!

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Bismuth is the largest stable non-radioactive element with 83 protons. It's complex subatomic structure is partly responsible for it's beautiful and unique crystal structure. The iridescent rainbow colored crystals form due to varying rates of cooling of the crystal. Change the cooling rate, change the colors. Bismuth is primarily produced as a byproduct of iron smelting. It has approximately the same melting point and density of lead, but is 3 times more rare than silver. Check the properties of Bismuth and other cool elements at this neat smart periodic table:


This project used MOLTEN METAL which is over 520 degrees Fahrenheit. Not recommended for children. Please use proper safety equipment to reduce risk of burns. Insulating gloves, clothing, and face mask is recommended. Access to a Carbon Dioxide or chemical rated fire extinguisher is also recommended.