Introduction: Grow Carnivorous Plants! (with Result)

In this instructable i'm going to show you how I grow my carnivorous plants!

Befrore I start, I want to say that i'm Dutch, so maybe my English is not that good. Sorry for that, and please help me improving my English by sending a comment or message if you see any wrong grammar.

Owwww yeah! They have germinated!

Step 1: Lets Start! First Get All the Things We Need!

Okay! Lets the fun part begin!
To start we need all the things for making the soil.

we need these things:
Destilled water,
Carnivorous plants seeds (Drosera, Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Dionaea......)
Stickers or labels

Also we need some other stuff you can find everywhere in your house.

The seeds I use are:
1: Drosera rotundifolia,
2: Drosera admirabilis,
3: Drosera spatulata Hong Kong,
4: Sarracenia purpurea spp. Purpurea

If you're just going to start growing carnivorous plants from seed, it's highly recommended to start with Drosera capensis seeds.

Step 2: Lets Make the Soil!

For making the soil we use peat and perlite.
It doesn't really matter what ratio you use, but I use 25% perlite and 75% peat.

First measure out how much you need for one pot of soil. 
After you've measured it out, you put it in a mixing bowl and mix it verry good!
Then you can put it back in your pot and make it wet, then sow your seeds!
It's just verry simple!

Step 3: Sow Your Seeds!

Now you reached the moment where you're going to sow your seeds.
First take a water bottle spray and wet the soil. 

Now simply put some seeds on it!
Do not put too much sow to much seeds!They are really small so you will sow verry much of them if you don't take care.
When that happens, you will get way too much seedlings.

Step 4: You're Done!

Well, that's it!
Now keep your soil always wet. Never let it drie out. 
Keep them in a sunny window, or under a growing light. 

Make sure you never ever use normal mineral or tap water! Always use osmosis water, rain water or destilled/demineralised water.
I hope this helped you by growing your own carnivorous plants!
Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if it worked for you!

Step 5: Owwww Yeah! They Have Germinated!!

Yes! It all worked! I put them in a big platic box and filled that with water almost till the top of the soil, and then they almost germinate immediately!

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