Introduction: Growing Sunflower Micro Greens in a Plastic Salad Box

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Sunflower micro greens are deliciously nutty with the flavour of raw sunflower seeds but with the texture of spinach.  They are easy to grow in just about any container you can find around the house like clear plastic salad mix boxes.

*makeshift mini greenhouse
*organic black oil sunflower seeds
*clean potting soil

No fancy equipment need for this high-brow salad trimming.  I used a biodegradable plastic salad box (make sure it’s food safe); it's the perfect soil tray and greenhouse.  You could also use a milk jug cut in half, a cake tray, or whatever you can imagine that would create a mini greenhouse.

Add about an inch of clean, rich soil to the bottom tray, and spread sunflower seeds over the top.  I generously cover the soil with seeds not letting any of them overlap.  Cover the seeds with just enough soil to hold moisture and put in a warm place out of direct sunlight.

The micro greens are ready to harvest when the mighty seedlings push up the soil (which helps to knock off the black husks) and grow two fat seed leaves.  Snip the seedlings at the base and wash in a salad spinner.

For more ideas, check out growing sunflower sprouts in a chicken dome or the comments on the original post, Sunflower Micro Greens: A Time Lapse Photo Journal.  There is some discussion in the original post on using birdseed which I don't recommend as it is not regulated for human consumption.  I always buy my sprouting seeds from a trusted source that intends them for sprouting to ensure health safety.

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