Introduction: Growing New Plant From the Parent Plant - LAYERING

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Layering is a method of artificial way of producing new plant from the parent plant that is vegetative propagation, in this method a branch of plant is covered with some material and supplied with water to produce roots. There are two types of layering they are mound layering and aerial layering.
in this instructable i will show you how to do vegetative propagation by mound layering. This method is mainly used in plants like grapevine, jasmine and other plants having long branches.


One of the lower branches of the selected plant which is grown outdoor on free soil( not in pot) should bent down on the ground and covered with soil some distance from the tip, shown in picture. You can add support to the branch as shown in picture, it will be better.


Now water the covered part of the branch regularly. After some days roots are formed in the covered part of the branch.

Step 3: NEW PLANT !!

Now the rooted branch can be cut off from the parent plant as shown in picture. The separated branch is now a new plant which can be grown anywhere. You can make so many new plants at a time by this method of vegetative propagation.

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