Growing Up With Halloween

Introduction: Growing Up With Halloween

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A collection of costumes our son has had over the years. Halloween is the best holiday and homemade costumes are always to be preferred. He usually (except for the batman years) wants something obscure and/or not commercially available anyway. This is an assortment of the ones he has worn.

From left to right:
Broon Jr -- Dressing as his favorite Renaissance performer, Broon. Among other things, Broon eats fire.
Marvin the Martian -- One of two costumes with a broom on his head. More pictures here.
Pumpkin -- His first costume, not homemade.
Alvin the chipmunk -- Way before the movies came out.
Peter Pan -- Alas, this boy does grow up.
Pinocchio -- Worn at Disney World a year where we spent Halloween there.
Peter Pan again -- A new version of the costume, also from a year we were at Disney World.
Wee ghost -- Briefly worn at bedtime after setting up the black lights the day before halloween.
Danny Phantom -- Socks worn OVER the shoes as cheap white boots for the win!
Bobba Fet -- Not really a full costume, but this picture was shot at Disney World near halloween.
The Blue Spirit -- Character from the "Avatar: the Last Airbender" TV show. Papier-mâché mask. More pictures, including the build process of the mask can be seen here.
Jedi -- No one in particular, but in the style worn by Obi-wan and Qui-gon. More pictures here.
Dr. Horrible -- Doctor Horrible from the end of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog". Lots more pictures here.
Tenth Doctor -- The tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, our family's favorite doctor.
Roman soldier in the cardboard legion doing battle with wild cats-- Taken from this instructable, more pictures are available here. The other costume incorporating a broom on his head. This got him a 100% grade in Latin class a few days ago.

Not shown (But will be added if the pictures turn up):

The Flash
A batman costume from a year the "only homemade costumes" rule was broken.

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