Introduction: Growing Your Own Sprouts (shoots) the Cheap Way

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Do you love sprouts (shoots) as much as me? I hope so. And if you do you will know that shops sometimes ask crazy prices for them.

Luckly you can grow them yourself in less than a weeks time for near to no money. 

It is also great to do with kids. It is very educational and they will have a lot of fun seeing theire own seeds grow into something they can eat. (And they are very healthy but sssssssssssst they don't have to know that ;-)   ).

********* WARNING *********

Not all plants are edible and not all edible plants have edible sprouts!!!! Some can be very toxic  and even lethal.

Only use plants that are meant to be eaten as sprouts. If you doubt, ask your shopkeeper for help.


Step 1: What Do You Need?

We don't need much to grow our own sprouts. In fact, with the exception of the seeds, it is very likely that you have everything in you kitchen.

We need:
  • paper towel  (1 sheet)
  • a saucer or another shallow recipient
  • seeds (buy them at your local garden centre) I bought mine for 0.50euro and you can grow sprouts 2 or 3 times with one package.
  • water

Step 2: Now Lets Get Our Hand Dirty

  • Fold the paper at least twice or until it fits in your recipient and make it wet (and by wet I mean WET).
The paper will act as soil. The little roots will be able to attach to it so that the little plant can grow skywards.
  • Add the seeds. 
How much?? As much as you can add without piling them up. Every seed has the potential to become one sprout so planting 1 seed won't give you much to eat.

Why are there so few seeds in the picture then, I hear you think. Reason: those were the last of that kind I had.
  • Put it in a warm and bright spot.

Step 3: The Fruits of Your Hard Work

The second day you should see the seeds open up and a little root coming out.

Just keep them wet for about a week and you will have lovely delicious sprouts to eat!

Bon appetit!!

I hope that you enjoyed this little Instructable. You can always mail me with your feedback. Please be kind on my English because it is only my 3th language.