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Introduction: Guerilla Laser

About: just have to figure out how all these things go together....
This project stands on tall shoulders of Nothing Labs instructable X-Y control... Speakers are used as Galvos.. first speaker controls the x-axis and the second speaker the y-axis

I wanted to make a Guerilla Propaganda machine.... and I got pretty close to where I wanted it to be...

Going forward I would recommend using a stronger laser... This would allow you to hit a building or billboard at a mysterious distance... I tried to buy a stronger, $14 green laser from China but the china laser circuit did not allow cycling ON/OFF at quick rate like this $5 laser from harbor freight seen below...(this is called blanking in the laser industry) You could rewrite the code to be more cursive in nature and less ON/OFF dependent... It would be fun to play with the programming in such a way and easy for a beginner... its all cartesian coordinates... that means easy!

HAVE FUN and please broadcast your good ideas in public spaces to better compete against those leveraged ideas....

other ideas... attach it to a telephone pole or climb a tree and hit a local billboard with a function to turn on during rush hour for 5 minutes every night..
"Book night"...Have it randomly project 1984 onto the side of a building for a few minutes every night...

Step 1: Speakers

I'm only going to add stuff that adds to the earlier instructable... which is not a ton... so please check out the original instructable...

Plastic mirror are light weight...
The laser sucks but it has a nice stand...
It is from Harbor Freight for $5. I would not recommend this laser but the little tripod stand works well...

The 12 volt batter powers the speakers... it was from Goodwill and originally for computer power backup....

The circuit is super simple... one PWM output from the Arduino to the transistor for each speaker. Here is the schematic page from Nothinglabs instructable.

Step 2: Put It All in a Box!

All the details are in the pictures...
I didn't get a picture of the 4 x AAA batteries that power the Arduino and laser... but it's in the video... enjoy!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    just got mine working with a green laser.

    had to add a few more parts - documented at:

    with my laser it seemed to be more of a power requirement issue as opposed to response time.

    figured this might be of interest... ;)


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good!

    I know we are all smart people here, but since this is an Instructable, let's emphasize that you should never point a laser, particularly a *strong* laser, at a building with windows - or anywhere where people could potentially be in the path.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    really nice!!!

    you might want to try duct taping up the bass port on the speakers. If I recall from when I was playing with speakers in-cabinets - it might improve rendering quality a bit.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome, congrats! This technique has many possibilities!