Introduction: Guess Who?/Who Is It? - Blank Laser Cutted

This is a template for the original "Guess Who?"-game, also known as "Who is it?". You can print pictures for the game yourself. We made the game with 24 pictures of one and the same person. This adds an extra dimension to the game and it allows all colleagues to finally use those 'beautiful' pictures. The 'beautiful' images in the picture are blurred to protect the identity of our colleague.


  • Lasercutter
  • 3 MDF 3mm plates (600x300mm)
  • 1 MDF 6mm plate (600x300mm)
  • 8 nuts and bolds (M5) to keep the plates together

Step 1: Laser Cutting and Puzzling

Lasercut following files on 3mm MDF:

  • Bottom plate
  • Upper plate
  • Cards

Lasercut following files on 6mm MDF:

  • Middle plate

Construct according to the plan. Make sure to use the elements from the 'cards' file rather than the 6mm thick cut-outs of the middle plate.

Step 2: Paste Pictures

Paste pictures radomly distributed over the 24 elements. Make sure to print every picture 3 times as you need to fill 2 boards and 1 deck of cards to start the game. The final result should look like this. The files contain enough to build a game for two players, including some extra cards.

Step 3: Used Svg-files